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Valuable tools for businesses that block more than 1% of transactions or spend more than 1-hour reviewing customers.

dynamic identity verification

Total Identity Protection Automate trust & safety workflows

Increase sales

Increase sales
while reducing fraud

Approve more real customers while blocking fraudulent users and risky transactions

Fraud Verify Methods

10+ Proofing methods
for any business risk

Offer verifications options via SMS, Voice, ID, Document, Video, Social, Banking, and more

Speed up reviews
and focus on outliers

Automate identity proofing and populate fraud solutions with more user data

Secure transactions
and win disputes

Accept or reject based on user data and leverage it to fight chargebacks

Integrate Easily Simple yet powerful

Protection that scales without the overhead
Swiftly add authentication to fraud tools like Sift
Secure GDPR compliant environment to store data

Enhance existing fraud solutions with easy self-service verification

Building a system for reviews or enhanced user authentication takes a lot of time. With Trust Swiftly, we provide multiple methods for your customers to verify themselves and automatically populate it in Sift, allowing for robust workflows.

  • Flexible, verification: Whether you are an eCommerce store, app, or marketplace, we have the verification levels for you. Require verification adaptively depending on Sift scores or business rules by applying friction smartly.
  • Automate Trust Fast: Speed is becoming more important than ever for customers. Waiting around for manual reviews risks losing a customer to another service or bad reputation. Providing customers with a simple and fast place to complete verification improves their experience.
  • Save Costs: Consolidate identity proofing with cost-effective solutions. Authentication methods vary on cost and should only use the most expensive options for users with the highest risk. For example, an order for $1,000 with a Sift score higher than 80 may require the user to verify their phone and ID.

Compliance and privacy requirements fulfilled

Storing user data is risky, and using email or other sharing tools for personal information increases vectors for loss. Lockdown data and only allow access to it by authorized employees. Next, users are increasingly demanding the privacy of their data. Allow users the freedom to provide the data they feel comfortable sharing.

  • Compliant Authentication: New regulations require strong authentication, and Trust Swiftly adds options to comply with varying rules for your business. Add our platform as a KYC tool that connects with your existing fraud tools.
  • Privacy Redefined: Users are more aware than ever about the potential breaches and security risks to sharing their information. We can verify even the most private person by allowing them to choose their verification methods. Exception cases can be managed by your team or us to ensure security is still applied appropriately.
  • Enhanced Strong Manual Verification 24/7: Sometimes automated reviews might not be enough for your requirements. Leverage our team to review the most critical users manually. Our team has years of experience fighting fraud, and we can be another line of defense for your business.

Pricing Simple, Flexible Pay-as-you-go


Starting at $0.02 per verification


Starting at $0.01 per verification


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E-mail, Google Authenticator, Phone SMS
ID, Documents, Social
PayPal, Banking, Video/Selfies
Phone Voice, Card Ownership
3DS2 Card Verify, Live Video
Manual Reviews

Optimize CX with powerful trust & safety orchestration

Supercharge your fraud prevention while giving your customers seamless verification experiences

  • Growing List of Verification Methods
  • International Coverage
  • Secure Data Storage
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Customer Centric

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